FAD (new formula)

Food Area Degreaser and Sanitiser
Conforms to BSEN1276 & BSEN13697 as required by the FSA. Registered as a Biocide product by the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, license no B2465.


FAD (new formula) is a must for any commercial kitchen. It quickly removes animal fats, grease & grime and allows you to effectively clean, sanitise and degrease with one product.

This product is food-safe, which means that you do not have to wash off before you start working on the surface and will cost you significantly less per trigger sprayer than sanitisers found at the cash and carry.

FAD (new formula) is perfect for “clean-as-you-go” processes and proves you don’t need dozens of different products to protect your reputation. There are no lengthy dwell times because FAD starts killing bacteria on contact and sanitises in seconds.

Independent tests have shown it to kill over 99.999% of bacteria found on kitchen work surfaces. Weaker products often recommend 5 minutes’ dwell time before being wiped off! In a busy food operation who has time to do that?

FAD (new formula) is safe to use for all food contact surfaces and will not cause tainting of food as all of its ingredients are food grade and food safe. It can be used to effectively clean walls, floors and worktop surfaces whether tiled, laminated or stainless steel.

Simply spray the work surface, wipe with disposable paper, and start preparing food all over again.

  • Trigger sprayer. Spray on-wipe off. Heavy soiling.
  • Trigger sprayer. Spray on-wipe off. Normal use.
  • All food processing areas
  • Butchers shops
  • Bakeries
  • Dairies
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Kitchens and canteens
  • 5 LITRE polythene bottles.