Gemini is a liquid concentrate ideal for cleaning almost any hard surfaces.

It is always used diluted with water and is safe to use on metal, plastic, concrete and rubber surfaces. Gemini is a mildly alkaline, non-caustic product. It contains water softeners, surface active agents and a water miscible solvent. This combination makes it very effective at wetting and penetrating greasy and earth based soils allowing them to be wiped or flushed away.

Gemini is a genuine multi-purpose cleaner, being used in a diverse range of situations for cleaning floors, walls, tiles, doors and work surfaces.

It is also used for cleaning small components and jewellery in ultrasonic tanks.

  • Trigger Spray – Spray on and Wipe Off – tiles, laminated table tops etc.
  • Mop and bucket
50:1 – 80:1
  • Stripping metallised emulsion floor polishes
  • UPVC window frames and garden furniture
  • Housekeeping – Floors, walls, ceilings, paintwork and shower stalls
  • Gyms and Leisure Centres – Squash court walls, grass stains from sports equipment and mowing machines
  • Printing – Removes ink from printing rollers, presses and duplicating machinery
  • Marine – Removes mildew and salt stains
  • Industrial – Removes grease and grime from machinery and small components. Removes built up resin from saw lades, planers and sanding belts
  • 5ltr plastic container