Pine Fresh Premier

Concentrated Pine Disinfectant

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Pinefresh Premier is an excellent general purpose disinfectant with a fresh pine fragrance which also has wide-spectrum biocidal activity against all types of bacteria and fungi.

  • Helps prevent cross infection in showers and changing rooms
  • Disinfects and de-odorises
  • Highly economical in use
  • Pleasant pine fragrance
  • De-odorising Drains, toilets, dustbins etc
Up to 100:1
  • Disinfecting shower rooms, changing rooms and swimming pool walkways
  • Routine daily maintenance
Up to 80:1

Pinefresh Premier disinfects and de-odorises all washable surfaces, and leaves a clean, fresh pine fragrance. The fungicidal ction of Pinefresh Premier is particularly valuable in shower cubicles, swimming pools and changing rooms. It is suitable for use in both hard and soft water areas. Not suitable for food contact areas.

  • 5 LITRE polythene bottles.