Ultra Rinse gives a gleaming finish to glassware and crockery. Ultra Rinse is designed to be used in the final rinse cycle of automatic dish and glass washing machines. It helps the rinse water to flow away from the washed items, eliminating water spot marks and providing a sparkling finish to all the crockery and glassware.
Ultra Rinse contains low foaming surface active agents which develop maximum efficiency at rinse temperatures above 80oC.

Optimum rinse temperature is between 82oC and 94oC.
Ultra Rinse is suitable for use in all automatic dishwashers. This product is used in commercial kitchens and is added to the dishwasher via an automatic dosing unit.

This product does not need to contain a biocide as crockery washed using the correct dose level at 65 to 70°C followed by a hot water rinse at 80 to 95°C will be thermally disinfected.

  • Automatic feed into dishwasher
  • Automatic feed into dishwasher
  • Automatic feed into dishwasher
1 fl oz per gallon
  • Automatic feed into dishwasher
  • 5ltr plastic container
  • 12,5ltr plastic container