Gojo Dispenser

Keep your facility clean and hygienic with the Gojo Dispenser. Durable, easy-to-service design with innovative features for lasting performance.

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Introducing the Gojo Dispenser, a durable and easy-to-service dispensing system designed for lasting performance. With the GOJO Lifetime Performance Guarantee, you can trust in its reliability.

This dispenser is built for easy maintenance, featuring a large sight window and skylight that make it simple to monitor refill levels. Whether you need to replace soap or sanitizer, you’ll always know when it’s time.

The Gojo Dispenser incorporates innovative LOCK OR NOT™ Technology, allowing you to choose between dual side latches for easy access or a lockable cabinet for added security. This ensures that your supplies remain safe and accessible.

With GOJO SANITARY SEALED Refills, you can snap them quickly and securely into place, minimizing the risk of contamination associated with bulk soap. This helps protect users and promotes a cleaner, healthier environment.

The dispenser also utilizes CONTROLLED COLLAPSE™ bottles, patented refills engineered to maintain their shape while emptying. This prevents leaks and spills, keeping your facility clean and mess-free.

When it’s time to replace the refill, the easy-to-recycle design of the Gojo Dispenser makes the process simple. The removable pump promotes convenient recycling, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Overall, the Gojo Dispenser offers a reliable and hygienic solution for dispensing soap and sanitizer. Its durable construction, innovative features, and easy maintenance make it a standout choice for any facility.