High capacity auto cut reserve roll paper towel dispenser

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The POD is a unique reserve roll auto cut paper hand towel dispenser that has one of the largest paper capacities on the market. Thanks to its patented reserve roll loading system, a new roll can be loaded before the previous one has been fully used thus making sure no paper is wasted. This reserve feature can save up to 20% of paper consumption.

The POD is the most compact reserve paper hand towel dispenser available on the market and has been designed to accommodate a large variety of paper types: different lengths, 1ply, 2 ply the choice is yours. With its sleek and contemporary design, a full transparent cover to allow quick paper level inspection, the POD is an excellent choice for an efficient and stylish hand drying.

The POD is also available in a standard, single roll version.

Freedom of consumables

  • Takes most standard paper rolls available on the market
  • Can dispense 1 or 2 ply paper

Control of Consumables

  • Reserve roll loading system preventing paper shortage and waste
  • The reserve roll system can reduce paper consumption by up to 20%

Reliability and durability

  • Durable ABS material and stainless-steel blades
  • Wall mounted unit with up to 5 fixing points
  • Lockable cabinet to prevent unauthorized access

Hygiene and Image

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Compact size
  • Single use paper portion

Ease of service

  • Instant paper level check through translucent cover
  • Single sheet dispensing ensuring that only the towels needed are used
  • Hinged cover for convenience and speed of service
  • Easy and fast loading of paper rolls