Polythene Aprons

A large range of light duty polythene aprons available in different sizes and colours.

Manufactured in accordance with European PPE Directive 89/686/EEC, our range of minimal risk aprons will ensure a high level of hygiene for many industries



  • Engineering and Manufacturing • Food Manufacturing and Prep • Janitorial • Medical, Vet, Dental, Pharmaceutical • Hair and Beauty • Waste Management and Local authority

Polythene Aprons: Lightweight, Waterproof, and Versatile Protection

Polythene Aprons are an essential accessory for maintaining cleanliness and safety in various environments. Crafted from high-quality polythene material, these aprons offer reliable protection against spills, splashes, and stains, ensuring that your clothing remains pristine during a range of tasks.

Designed for comfort and convenience, these aprons feature a lightweight construction that allows for easy movement and flexibility, making them suitable for extended wear. The waterproof nature of polythene ensures that liquids are repelled, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your tasks.

Versatility is a key feature of Polythene Aprons, as they find applications in a multitude of settings. Whether you’re working in a kitchen, laboratory, healthcare facility, or any other environment where cleanliness is paramount, these aprons provide the necessary protection to maintain hygiene standards.

The disposable nature of these aprons adds to their convenience, allowing for easy cleanup and disposal after use. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where frequent changes are required to maintain hygiene protocols.

Polythene Aprons are available in a range of sizes to accommodate various users and preferences, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. Their clear design provides a professional appearance while allowing for easy identification of any contaminants.

In summary, Polythene Aprons offer lightweight, waterproof, and versatile protection for a wide range of tasks. With their durable construction and disposable design, these aprons are an indispensable tool for maintaining cleanliness and safety in any workplace or environment.

Case Content 10 x 100
Colours White (EWA)
Sizes 69 x 107cm (27 x 42″)
Details Blue polythene flat pack aprons

100 aprons per pack/10 packs per case