Clean, sparkling glasses will always give customers a good impression of your business.
Glasswash Premier is Chemex’s premium product for automatic Glass washing machines. It has a higher actives content than regular Glasswash products and so can be diluted further in use for greater economy.

Glasswash Premier contains a blend of mild alkalis and sequestrants. It rapidly breaks down grease, starch and protein. It also contains ingredients to minimise the chemical effect of the wash solution on glasses, giving them a longer service life.

Glasswash Premier is recommended to be added to the glass washer via an automatic dosing unit.

Glass Wash does not need to contain a biocide as crockery washed using the correct dose level at 65 to 70°C followed by a hot water rinse at 80 to 95°C will be thermally disinfected.

  • Via automatic dosing machine 350:1, hand dosing 40ml per load.
  • 5ltr plastic container