Hyclean Floor Detergent

Achieve sparkling floors with Hyclean Floor Detergent, a powerful solution designed to tackle dirt and grime, leaving your surfaces pristine and fresh.


Hyclean is a genuine soap based cleaner particularly suitable for floors.

Because it is based on real soap fortified with pine oil it has excellent emulsifying power for greasy soils.

It is non-caustic and non-acidic and therefore is safe to use on all types of hard surfaces. Floors cleaned with Hyclean will buff up to a slip resistant shine.

  • Cleans and shines in one operation
  • Ideal for vinyl tiles and wood block floors
  • Buffs to a slip resistant shine
  • Economical – use diluted up to 50:1
  • Pleasant pine fragrance
  • Safe to use on alkali and acid sensitive surfaces such as marble, unglazed tiles and various types of stone floors.
  • Mopping floors
50:1 with warm water
  • Spray and Buff
10:1 with water
  • Vinyl and wood block floors
  • Marble, stone and any acid or alkali sensitive floors.
  • Painted floors and walls
  • 5ltr plastic container