Super Detergent for Dishwashing Machines

Automatic Dishwash Detergent


Super Detergent for Dishwashing Machines is a potent solution tailored for automatic dishwashing systems. It’s formulated with active principles to meet their demands, making it a game-changer in cleanliness and efficiency.

Thanks to its very high concentration, only a small amount of this detergent is needed to achieve exceptional results. This ensures cost-effectiveness, reducing the frequency of refills and saving both time and resources. Moreover, its very high saponifying action effectively cuts through grease and grime, leaving dishes sparkling clean with minimal effort.

Crucially, its very low foam formation ensures optimal performance without the risk of overflow or malfunction. Regardless of water hardness, this detergent performs admirably, delivering consistent results in any environment. Additionally, it prevents the formation of calcareous encrustations, ensuring your dishwashing machine remains in top condition for longer.

This detergent isn’t limited to dishwashing machines; it’s also suitable for glass washers, providing streak-free results with every cycle. Its most impressive feature is its ability to prevent new deposits, keeping your dishes and dishwasher looking like new. However, it’s crucial to note that this detergent should not be used on aluminium surfaces, as it may cause damage.

In summary, Super Detergent for Dishwashing Machines offers a versatile and powerful solution for automatic dishwashing systems. With its high concentration, saponifying action, and low foam formation, it ensures optimal performance in any environment. Additionally, its ability to prevent calcareous encrustations and new deposits makes it essential for maintaining the longevity of your dishwashing equipment.

Important Notes:

  • Very high concentration.
  • Very high saponifying action.
  • Very low foam formation.
  • Suited for water of any hardness.
  • Prevents the formation of calcareous encrustations.
  • Suited for use in glass washers.
  • Prevents new deposits.

Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.

  • 5ltr plastic container
  • 12,5ltr plastic container