BIO GD Multi Strain E+

Biological Grease and Odour Control


BIO GD MULTISTRAIN E+ has been specifically designed to treat grease traps and pipework by effortlessly breaking down greases, fats and oils, preventing blockages and malodours.
The product creates a powerful biofilm that adheres to the walls of the pipework releasing a continuous supply of highly active enzymes into the system, ensuring continuous degradation of fats and grease.

For optimum economy and performance, we recommend cleaning solutions are prepared using automatic dilution equipment. BIO GD MULTISTRAIN E+ is automatically dosed by a small pump equipped with batteries.

Now more than ever, your environmental credentials are important. Using naturally occurring enzymes instead of chemicals, our expert chemists designed BIO GD MULTISTRAIN E+ to effectively breakdown grease without the need for harsh chemicals.

• Effectively removes and prevents blockages
• Eliminates odours
• Eliminates the needs for hazardous drain chemicals
• Highly economical
• Environmentally friendly

  • 5ltr plastic container