POWERKLEEN has been specifically formulated to power through even the toughest dirt.
The unique formulation provides unrivalled cleaning power for those times when all other products fail. POWERKLEEN effectively cleans tiles, vinyl, concrete and PVC, making it perfect for commercial outfits, food processing areas, restaurants, bars and kitchens.

  • Mop and bucket
50:1 to 100:1
  • Mop and bucket – very heavy greasy soils.

For optimum economy and performance, we recommend cleaning solutions are prepared using automatic dilution equipment. If auto-dosing is not available a stork (or pelican) pump can be placed into a 5litre bottle of POWERKLEEN concentrate.

• Powerful multipurpose cleaner
• Quickly removes dirt, grease and grime
• Highly economical
• Low odour

  • 5ltr plastic container